Atlantic Treaty Association

Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) is an international confederation with the aim of promoting Euro-Atlantic values and the importance of NATO in keeping peace and stability.

"...We also appreciate the contribution made by the Atlantic Treaty Association in promoting a better understanding of the Alliance among our nations."

NATO Summit Warsaw, 2016 (as well as in the past NATO Summits)

The Atlantic Treaty Association.. stronger together.

ATA was founded in 1954 to create better connections and promote a transatlantic bond among its members – associations, non-governmental national councils and committees from 37 countries across the globe.

ATA’s priority is to promote the global role of NATO, while demonstrating the power of the ATA network and, at the same time, give young people the chance to exchange ideas, knowledge and opinions about new perspectives of NATO’s security challenges and threats and stressing recommendations, given in the Initiative NATO 2030.

ATA network and outreach programs

ATA Network

The ATA Network is a highly qualified and extended network created to promote Euro-Atlantic values and a variety of ATA programs and events across the continent.


Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) organizes seminars, training courses and study visits, as an effective way to strengthen the skills, expertise, and the sense of identity of the new generation of Atlanticist leaders.

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