Italian Atlantic Committee – The Future of NATO and The Role of Italy

NATO’s Future and the Role of Italy

The war on Ukraine has caused a tectonic shift in the security scenario giving rise to new geopolitical configurations and the emergence of “systemic rivals” that challenge the values and system of rules that constitute the connective tissue of free democratic Western societies.
The threat from the Russian Federation and the global challenge posed by China require strategic vision and action, cohesive and forward-looking, from a renewed West.
The Euro-Atlantic Community found itself united in Kyiv in defending and relaunching a new West, still in the making, which, recovering the original values of the international liberal order, knows how to go beyond traditional geographical limits and welcome those countries and organizations that share the same principles of freedom and respect for the rules of law.
With this in mind, the Italian Atlantic Committee intends to offer some useful Elements of Reflection for the ongoing national and international discussion aimed at strengthening Italy’s role in the Atlantic Alliance.

The Study was edited by Fabrizio W. Luciolli. Special thanks go to Amb. Gabriele Checchia, chairman of the Strategic Committee; Gen. C.A. Giorgio Battisti, chairman of the Military Commission; C.A. Cesare Ciocca, Scientific Coordinator; and Avv. Carmine Bencivenga, National Coordinator.